Hutchinsons objective is to provide the highest standards of independent agronomic advice to farmers and growers together with the efficient supply of a complete range of agronomic inputs.

The Metaldehyde Stewardship Group has launched an enhanced campaign for 2017 to ensure maximum protection of the environment, and in particular birds, small mammals, and water.


Five Day Spraying Weather Forecast for your Location Now Available here!

We have extended the spray forecast functionality currently available in the iOS and Android Fieldwise ProApp. Choose a location and then the spraying weather forecast details are available at 3 hourly intervals for each day, with simple symbols indicating conditions that may favour or prevent best practice spraying.

New European Commission Proposals Threaten Cereal and Sugar Beet Seed Treatments in the UK

What is the European Commission proposing?
In March 2017, the European Commission submitted new proposals to a Standing Committee of Member States called SCOPAFF (Standing Committee of Plants, Animals, Food and Feed) to ban all outdoor uses of neonicotinoid seed treatments in non-bee-attractive crops such as wheat, barley and sugar beet. In their explanation, the Commission based their proposals on a Bee Guidance document which has not been ratified by the Member States.

Is there any way of stopping the new ban?
Yes, we believe that since the proposals by the European Commission are both illogical and totally disproportionate, we can change their minds with your help.


Hutchinsons is Campaigning for Glyphosate Re-registration

is writing to growers to update them on the current position regarding the registration of glyphosate and to ask for their active support in lobbying their local MP and MEPs.
Why are we writing to growers now?

As growers and advisors, we believe we should stand together and campaign positively for the re-approval of glyphosate. On careful risk based assessments, it has been clearly demonstrated to have had no known issues for over 35 years.

The good news recently delivered by ECHA, regarding the classification of glyphosate as non-carcinogenic, should now be seen as a starting point for the continued campaign to get glyphosate re-registered.

Do we need to continue campaigning?
How can you help?
What next?