Brampton - National Blackgrass Centre of Excellence 2017

National Black Grass Centre of Excellence 2017

Research at our black grass centre of excellence at Brampton, now in its seventh year, has allowed us to develop some clear strategies for the long term control of this difficult weed. The implementation of learnings applied to the Brampton site in recent seasons has resulted in significant improvements in the black grass levels across the site.

We were aware that the Brampton site would be impacted by the construction of a new Huntingdon bypass at some point in the near future and many of you will have seen as you travel along the A1 that work has started at the site.

Due to restrictions in site access for 2017 and concerns regarding the safety of our many visitors to the Brampton site, we had to reach an early decision that unfortunately our Brampton site open days could not be accommodated this June.

We plan to reinstate the open days for 2018 and meanwhile our research will be continuing at the site.

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New Regional Sites

Black grass continues to spread across the UK and this season Hutchinsons has established a number of regional black grass sites to demonstrate the Brampton research approach in real farming situations, each with their own specific issues to address:

Benwick, Cambridgeshire
Warboys, Cambridgeshire
Millthorpe, Lincolnshire
Stowbridge, Norfolk
Mollington, Oxfordshire

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Spring Cultivation Videos with Dick Neale:

The series of eleven short cultivation videos featuring Dick Neale at our black grass centre at Brampton, clearly demonstrating the effects of ‘conditioning crops’ and different soil management regimes on soil health, can be viewed on our video library.