Family Business

The company was established as an agrochemical business in 1938 by Herbert Hutchinson in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. In the 1960s, Herbert's son Colin, succeeded his father as Managing Director and expanded the business from its Cambridgeshire base.

Research during the 1970s resulted in a rapid increase in the range
of crop protection products available for arable crops and it was at this time that the company expanded into this sector. In line with the Hutchinsons' philosophy of advising on every aspect of crop production, the company extended its range of products during the 1980s to include seed and fertiliser.   

Mike, Colin and David Hutchinson
Mike, Colin and David Hutchinson

The 90s saw the introduction of set aside and the dawn of the 21st Century bought with it a raft of environmental initiatives and legislative changes for the farming industry to understand and implement. Hutchinsons have responded to growers' requirements for environmental expertese and have reacted to this by
strengthening their own technical team in this area.

Today, Hutchinsons operates nationally but has retained its local focus on the specific needs of its customers depending on their objectives and cropping. The Hutchinson family is actively engaged in the management of the business with David as Chairman and
Mike as Horticultural Director. Colin Hutchinson continues as a Director in the business.

Equally involved is a team of colleagues whose commitment and enthusiasm for the business is a great strength. Our culture is one in which everyone's contribution is regarded as being important to our overall success. Indeed, for us, it is our people who make the difference.