Glyphosate Re-registration

Since glyphosate's classification has not changed, do we need to continue the campaign?

The answer is sadly yes, since those who seek to have it banned will now increase the pressure on politicians within Europe. There are six months from the adoption of the ECHA decision to re-register glyphosate, and it will be very politically charged process, so please do write to your MEP/MP and ensure they support the sound science of the EU’s own Chemical Agency.

How can you help?

We are asking you to write to your MP and local MEPs to request their support in the re-registration of Glyphosate. A campaign of positive messages highlighting the benefits of glyphosate to the farming industry is needed, especially when looking ahead at uncertainties such as Brexit.

Alternatively, you can arrange to see your local MP at one of their surgeries and explain to them personally the importance of glyphosate to your business.

What next?

We have prepared a draft letter of supporting information and suggestions for how you can approach your MP/MEP. We recommend that you use your own words to highlight how important glyphosate is in helping you produce crops that may otherwise have to be imported. Please include any specific comments relevant to your own farm situations. Please contact us for a copy of our recent letter and supporting materials – many thanks for your support.