Regional Technology Centres

During June and July, Hutchinsons hosted a range of open days for farmers to visit demonstration sites around the country. The most important aspect of these days was the opportunity for you to discuss crop husbandry and soil management with agronomists from Hutchinsons. On show were varieties of cereals and oilseed rape from the AHDB Recommended Lists, along with techniques to improve both yield and quality.

The majority of sites had a wide range of winter wheat and winter oilseed rape varieties on display, with our seed specialists available to demonstrate key variety characteristics. Treated and untreated areas of each variety were adjacent to each other to make it easier to assess disease resistance and straw strength. Hybrid and conventional barley varieties were available at three of the sites and Grayingham, Great Tew, Little Ponton and St Mabyn also had spring cereal demonstrations.

Main Themes

The main themes this year were varieties, soil health and using yield maps to identify good and poor performing areas of fields. Alongside varieties, the demonstrations included, crop nutrition and fungicide programmes. There was a particular focus on soil assessment to improve the biological, physical and nutritional aspects of soils. In the winter wheat variety plots you could also find out about the Yield Enhancement Network project (YEN).

Information was presented on last year’s results and the prospects for this year. During the course of this year we collected information on crop development, disease resistance and plant and soil nutrient levels. This information was explained as part of the programme.

Omnia Precision Farming Services – New Features!

At all of the trial sites we demonstrated the new features in our Omnia service, including yield map analysis. By combining multiple years’ yield maps, Omnia can analyse the information and identify the high and low yielding trends within the field. This is the first time that yield maps can be analysed across different crop types in this way, making this an important management tool in all rotations.