Winter Technical Farming Conference 2017 Presentations

With talk of post-Brexit cuts to farm support intensifying and evertightening environmental regulations, the 350 delegates at last year’s conference heard how there is a real need for farm businesses to improve their financial and ecological sustainability.

'The Sustainability Challenge' - HSBC’s head of AgriFoods Allan Wilkinson spoke of the widespread economic uncertainty and market volatility at home and abroad which has added to the pressures facing growers. He said all businesses need to maximise the efficiency of every operation.

AW Hutchinsons 15 November 2017 (003)

'Supporting Sustainability' - Dr David Ellerton (Hutchinsons), Dr Alison Bentley (NIAB) and Dr Alastair Leake (Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Allerton Project) discussed how technology, genetics and environment combined can sustain and enhance farm productivity. 

'Attention to Detail' - Increasing average farm yields. Sebastian Graff-Baker (Andersons) spoke about the prospect of future subsidies being cut as a significant concern and highlighted that attention to detail is essential for improving farm performance and therefore maintaining future profitability. Oliver Wood (Hutchinsons) added that combining financial information with yield map analysis is an excellent way to start assessing overall productivity at field level, identify inconsistencies and problem areas to tackle. Our Omnia precision farming service includes facilities to do just that.

SGB B195 2017-11-15 Producing more profit through understanding the econmics of variable yield
OW WFTC Nov 17 Omnia

'Theory in to Practice' - Using innovative tools and practical methods are required to achieve results. Dick Neale (Hutchinsons) highlighted that soil health is at the heart of sustainable productivity, both from a financial and environmental perspective. Dr Jackie Stroud (Rothamsted) added that worms play several key roles in soils that are central to sustainability.

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