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Providing healthy food systems and improved climate resilience, all while maintaining farm productivity

Agroecology is a scientific discipline utilising a sustainable farming approach to provide healthy food systems, more climate resilience while maintaining farm productivity.

Agroecology uses ecological concepts and principles to study, design, manage and evaluate food and farming systems. An Agroecological approach considers interactions of all fundamental components of farming systems where mineral cycles, energy transformations and biological processes are analysed as a whole in a holistic fashion.

This approach is concerned with the maintenance of a productive agriculture that sustains yields and optimises the use of local natural resources while minimising the negative environmental impacts associated with over reliance on modern farming technologies and techniques. Agroecology is not associated with any one particular method of farming, but a set of principles that rely on minimal artificial inputs from outside the farm system.

Soils with Dick Neale

Dick Neale (Hutchinsons Technical Manager) is in Lincolnshire outlining the overall aims of his video series exploring soil health and looking at conditions in the field discussing water management and building resilience in soils.

Watch Dick Neale's full series of 2020 soil videos here: Dick Neale 2020 Soil Videos Playlist

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