Arable Agronomy

Stuart Hill

Head of Technology and Innovation
The Hutchinsons team of over 200 arable agronomists are located throughout the UK. These technical specialists know how important it is to provide the best advice and are highly qualified professionals holding BASIS, FACTS, Conservation Management, The Plant Protection Award and Soil & Water Management qualifications.

Continuing professional development and regular training take place, in order to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date technical service to the professional grower.

rape and winter wheat
Long-term grower and agronomist relationships, based on mutual understanding and trust, ensure agronomy advice is combined with local knowledge and experience, including specialist precision and soil assessments. Decisions taken are based on sound business principles, practical implementation and what is right for individual growers.

Advice is completely independent of manufacturers and is supported by an in-house research and development programme across a range of soil types, crops and inputs. Hutchinsons have a long history of carrying out research trials, and have a growing number of Regional Technology Centres (RTC’s) all around the country, which form the central hubs for investigative work.