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In Task 3 each Team should focus on how they will:

  • Manage weeds within their Spring Barley to ensure they do not compete with the crop and damage yield or reduce grain quality, and
  • Use PGR’s to manipulate the crop to produce a robust plant architecture that will maximise yield.
  • Listen to the description and detail that Dick Neale provides (in the video below) about the crop and the current circumstances, and decide:
  1. how you will use PGR’s (and perhaps other inputs?) to manipulate this crop
  2. how you will approach the management of weeds within your crop, and what treatments you would make if you decide to do anything further around black grass management
  3. how you would advise the sprayer operator to set up his sprayer for best coverage/crop penetration for herbicide treatments (think about nozzle choice, water volume, forward speed etc)
  • The period of time to consider for your spring barley crop with these inputs is from now (early emergence) through to when the use of PGR’s is no longer possible – which is typically around early stem extension for chlormequat based products and up to flag leaf for other materials.

Your closing date for submission of Task 3 is 5th April

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