The Hutchinsons Environmental team provide farmers and other organisations with professional, impartial, high quality advice on the environmental issues affecting agriculture. Hutchinsons have historically played a leading role in industry stewardship through the Voluntary Initiative and other projects. Advisors are specialists and act as fee paid consultants providing a complementary service to that provided by the arable and horticultural agronomists.

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Hutchinsons was one of the first organisations to be involved with the Biodiversity Environmental Training Award (BETA) as well as the Plant Protection Award that both focus on the importance of environmental protection and sustainable crop production.

The main areas of activity the environmental team to date have been:

  • Higher Tier (formerly HLS) and Middle Tier (formerly ELS) advice and support
  • Cross Compliance advice
  • Completion of Cross Compliance Soil Protection Reviews
  • Soil, nutrient, and manure management plans
  • Waste to Land applications
  • Compliance with Nitrate Vulnerable Zone legislation
  • Manure sampling and interpretation
  • Grain sampling for nitrogen and sulphur content including interpretation
  • Training of farmers and other groups on environmental issues