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Horticultural NRoSO Workshops 2021-2022

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Event Details

Hutchinsons are offering online operator training of the new NRoSO annual update course



Current Issues, Sprayer Operator Wellbeing, Chemical compatibilities


Aim of 2021/22 NRoSO Annual Training:

To provide NRoSO members with up-to-date information on current issues, changes in legislation, where relevant, and ensure you are familiar with best practice which will:

  1. satisfy farm assurance and
  2. ensure continuing professional development in your role as sprayer operators


This year’s Horticulture event is divided into three sections:


The first section is Current Issues. This covers topical items that we feel are worth discussing in more detail. This section may also cover specific local issues that your presenter will tailor to your geographical area or crop production system.


The second section is Sprayer Operator Wellbeing. This section aims to give delegates an awareness of the health, safety & wellbeing issues in agriculture and develop strategies to improve & maintain personal wellbeing.


The final section is Chemical compatibilities and tank mixing. In this section we will look at why we tank mix, the basics of chemical interaction, common tank mixing issues, the correct sequence for tank mixing sprays and the risks of bad mixes.




Delegates will receive:

Digital credential (upon successful completion of training)

10 CPD points for National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO) members.

8 CPD points for BASIS members.





  1. Introduction
  2. Current Issues
  3. Sprayer Operator Wellbeing
  4. Chemical compatibilities and tank mixing
  5. Review and Reflection


This workshop is part of the farming and crop protection industry’s Voluntary Initiative to minimise the environmental impacts of pesticides.


Please check below for links to book onto the courses we are offering.

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