Fieldwise ViewPoint - Stuart Hill

Embracing Change

2018 is a milestone year for Hutchinsons, marking eight decades of service to UK agriculture.

They say challenge and adversity breed innovation. Never is this truer than today in the farming industry.

Brexit is firmly on the horizon and we are now very familiar with the landscape of increased regulation and consequent increased development costs of new active ingredients and re-registering of existing active ingredients. The net effect is uncertainty.

This changing landscape is a challenge, but more importantly it is a great opportunity. It has allowed us to step back, look at the long term, challenge what we do and ultimately be more innovative.

It has also pressured our research and development partners to become more innovative. There are new active ingredients on the horizon that must be protected from the inevitable certainty of resistance. We are jointly developing introductions of new varieties, traits and nutrition to support building crop biomass, as well as yield and data driven technologies to help decision support.

Already we view the farm business in a more holistic sense and recognise the need to work with you, to jointly understand and manage costs strategically. Increasingly we are looking to sustainably improve your soils, manage productivity on a field by field basis using multi-year data and ensuring your farm is the environment and not that the environment is just part of the farm.

In parallel to this, we are reviewing the avalanche of potential, exciting new technologies to ensure innovations will enhance decision making between you and your agronomist and lead to a tangible benefit in productivity, efficiency, time saving and profitability.

In our 80th year, looking back over the last two decades we have seen significant advancements in information and communication exchange, but it has not fundamentally changed how we have worked on farm. With the next generation of technology, we will absolutely see a fundamental change and we look forward to embracing this with you.

Stuart Hill (Head of Technology & Innovation)

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