Fieldwise ViewPoint - Matt Ward

Precision Agronomy – The Future

2018 is a milestone year for Hutchinsons, marking eight decades of service to UK agriculture.

Many UK growers are still not convinced of the benefits of precision farming but continue to look for a way to improve in-field agronomic decisions that will increase their efficiency and profitability.

Until recently, precision farming tools focussed on using single layers of field data, usually provided by a single precision farming business. As a result of not incorporating the many variables within crops, soils and fields that are routinely integrated within conventional crop management decisions and the time taken, growers understandably lost confidence in the merits of precision farming. What’s more, transferring plans from office to machine was also complex and time consuming.

However, the way in which we can use farm data has dramatically changed in the last few years; Hutchinsons has led this data revolution with the introduction of our innovative and unique Omnia Precision Agronomy system which enables agronomists and growers for the first time to make precision crop management decisions, based upon all of the factors that as a matter of routine they would normally consider when managing their crops.

However the work does not stop there - since its launch in 2015 tools such as Cost of Production and Yield performance mapping have introduced a financial element to precision farming so that users can really understand where their profit is coming from. The launch of Omnia Connect at Cereals earlier this summer has finally overcome the burden of transferring data to the field.

Improved productivity and profitability has never been more important for UK farming, and we look to the future with an eye on how we can prove the financial benefits of such an approach.

Matt Ward