Glyphosate Re-registration

Glyphosate reauthorized for 5 years

The European Commission proposal to renew the approval of glyphosate was passed by the Appeal Committee today.

A qualified majority was reached in favour of the reauthorisation of the active substance for 5 years.

Voting was as follows:

18 in favour: UK, SE, FI, SK, SV, RO, PL, NL, HU, LT, LV, ES, IE, EE, DK, CZ, DE, BG

9 against: BE - EL - FR - HR - IT - CY - MT - LU - AU

1 abstention: PT

The qualified majority at the Appeals Committee is a surprise as it was expected member states would not change their stances from previous votes. Had the vote remained at deadlock, it would have fallen to the European Commission to approve it before the 15th December deadline, and they had been clear it was the responsibility of the member states to decide on this matter.