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Hutchinsons Foundation Agronomy Programme – Arable Farming – Morven Anderson

Morven Anderson shares details on the Hutchinsons Foundation programme and what drew her to a career as an agronomist ...

Despite being deeply scientific, agronomy is not a career path widely encouraged in schools.

Morven Anderson’s strong interest in biology led to her graduating with a biology degree from Aberdeen University and it was a research project abroad that led her to consider following in her father’s footsteps as an agronomist.

“I was looking at greenhouse gas emissions from an oil palm plantation in a part of Malaysia that had high levels of nitrous oxide due to urea fertiliser use,” Miss Anderson says.

“I found myself reading more into agriculture in general after that research project and decided to study for a master’s degree in integrated pest management at Harper Adams University.”

It was here she heard about the Hutchinsons Foundation Agronomy Programme which offers some of the most comprehensive agronomy training in the industry.


“I found the foundation programme was the perfect option for me because it is for people from all walks of life and builds you from the ground up.

“You develop your technical knowledge with different experts in the company contributing to your training. Every agronomist does things differently, so it was great to be able to take bits from everyone and evolve my own stance.”

The foundation also encourages its members to pursue their own interests and Morven has chosen to dive deeper into the world of plant and soil health and nutrition, as well as completing a BASIS advanced potatoes course this autumn.


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