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Providing the means to buy when you can least afford to and to repay from your future income.

The very essence of cash flow is to ensure there is always cash available to cover expenditure. However, considering the seasonality within agriculture, this is not always easy to achieve. Therefore to help even out the peaks and troughs and provide an effective and affordable solution, Hutchinsons, in partnership with Hitachi Capital Business Finance, a leading and established provider of financial solutions to the agricultural sector, can now offer finance options for the purchase of inputs from Hutchinsons to match your cash flow needs.

Hitachi Hutchinsons Input Finance

Low cost, fixed rate finance options are now available with fixed repayment dates chosen by you
- which means that you can preserve your more traditional lines of finance for other business requirements. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the minimum deal size?
Answer: The minimum balance that can be financed is £2,750.

Question: What is the minimum and maximum term of the loan agreement?
Answer: The minimum term is 6 months and the maximum term 12 months.

Question: Can I finance the VAT?
Answer: Normally the VAT is included within the loan amount and the farmer can claim back his VAT upon receipt of the supplier’s invoice.

Question: Will Hitachi Capital require a copy of the sales invoice?
Answer: A copy of the sales invoice is not required.

Question: Will I need to provide my business’s accounts?
Answer: Applications over £25k will require accounts, but subject to current exposure Hitachi Capital reserve the right to request accounts at any level.

Question: Who will request these accounts?
Answer: Any request for accounts will be handled by Hitachi Capital direct.

Question: How will repayments be collected?
Answer: All repayments will be collected without exception by Direct Debit.

Question: How many partners need to sign the loan agreement?
Answer: Normally just the main partner, unless specified otherwise by the Credit team.

Question: When will the first payment be due?
Answer: In line with the repayment options on the requested scheme.

Question: Can I request the day of the month on which payment is taken?
Answer: Normally payment is taken on the 20th of the month, but other dates can be requested provided they are acceptable.