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  1. Recent trial results measuring the effect of various inputs on crop health, nutrition, take-all incidence and severity, have shed light on how to manage the often-overlooked disease in winter barley.

    Elle Pace, agronomist at Hutchinsons, ran the trial as part of her BASIS project, which consisted of 20 field plots, in soils following a first wheat where the presence of take-all is often higher.

  2. With the imminent loss of clothianidin (Deter/Redigo Deter) seed dressing much of the UK’s autumn drilled cereals crops will be at risk from Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV) infection, leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons warns.

    Mild weather coinciding with early emergence of winter cereals may mean that aphid populations could be quick to establish this autumn, Hutchinsons technical support manager Duncan Connabeer says.

    • Good opportunity to tackle blackgrass
    • Patience key to effective weed control
    • Allow time for stale seedbeds to work

    Phenomenal patience and a change in soil management could be needed this autumn to avoid stoking black grass problems following the exceptionally early harvest.

    Dry conditions over much of the summer provide an ideal opportunity for growers on plough or other deep cultivation-based systems to switch to shallower tillage on fields worst-affected by blackgrass says Hutchinsons technical manager Dick Neale.