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  1. Innovative Technologies and Market-Leading Agronomy Working Together – National Fruit Show 2019 Handbook – Rob Saunders, Jonathan Blackman

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    0I2A0890The Hutchinsons Enhanced Light Interception Orchard System (HELIOS) was established last spring at two sites, in East Kent and on the Herefordshire/Gloucestershire border, to examine how orchards can be cost-effectively re-designed and managed to capture more light, improve yields and allow new mechanical picking systems in future.

    Several systems for growing Gala Galaxy clones on different rootstocks are being trialled over 10 years at both sites, with detailed yield and crop grading measurements due to be taken to help identify the most cost-effective options.

  2. Investigating new orchard systems – The English Apple Man – Rob Saunders, Ivan Velasco

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    Rob SaundersThe English Apple Man met Vikram Singh Thakur (a friend) and Rob Saunders from Hutchinsons of Wisbech to view an experimental tree management system trial named HELIOS.

    After a relaxed lunch at The Haywain at Brambling we drove the few miles to Hoaden Court Farm where one of the two HELIOS trials are taking place. There we met Rob's colleague Ivan Velasco who is assisting in the HELIOS trials. The second trial site is in Herefordshire.

    Maximising light interception is the key driver for any orchard management system.

  3. Providing Grape Protection – Vineyard – Mike Hutchinson, Chris Cooper, Rob Saunders, Chris Williams, Jeremy Sharp

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    The crop protection specialists proudly supporting vineyards across the entire UK.

    Since being founded in 1938, crop production specialists Hutchinsons has grown from an operation serving fruit growers in the Wisbech area of Cambridgeshire, to one of the nation's leading agricultural and horticultural input advice and supply companies.

    Today, brothers David and Mike Hutchinson continue to play an active role in the family-owned business which celebrated its 80th anniversary last year. Driven by a modern, forward-thinking approach, the Hutchinsons and their dedicated, 450-strong team are committed to providing the best agronomy and crop protection advice, products and services to growers of all crops across the entire UK, from Aberdeen to Truro.

  4. Fruit Growing in the 21st Century – South East Farmer – Mike Hutchinson

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    Mike HutchinsonMike Hutchinson, Horticultural Director of national agronomy business, Hutchinsons, says that the company prides itself on the high calibre and integrity of its agronomists.

    By being at the forefront of investing in and applying new technology in all areas of its business, they are constantly looking to enhance the level of service they can offer to fruit growers who are an important sector of their business throughout the country.

    “We pride ourselves on being able to offer top quality, relevant and up to the minute agronomy advice for fruit growers on all aspects of their activities.

  5. Update on Helios – The Fruit Grower – Nigel Kitney

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    Nigel KitneyGiven that profit margins are tight and labour is in short supply, a “robot ready” orchard that yields almost twice as much Class I fruit and can be mechanically harvested would probably be a dream come true for the UK’s top fruit growers. Happily, crop production specialist Hutchinsons’ ground-breaking, ten-year project – named Hutchinsons’ Enhanced Light Interception Orchard System (Helios) – could help growers achieve this vision.

  6. Can Better Designed Orchards Increase Productivity? – Horticulture Week – Rob Saunders, Nigel Kitney, Nick Strelczuk

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    0C3A9750Last year, agronomy firm H L Hutchinson began its Enhanced Light Interception Orchard System (HELIOS), a 10-year project looking at how orchard design can be improved to capture more sunlight and so increase yield, while also factoring in establishment costs and likely technological developments such as robotic picking and mechanical pruning, building on work in New Zealand by Dr Stuart Tustin of the government-owned Plant & Food Research institute and putting it in a UK context.

    Last month (July 2019), Hutchinson invited growers to visit the programme’s two orchards in Herefordshire and east Kent.

  7. Touring Hutchinsons’ Enhanced Light Interception Orchard System in Kent - South East Farmer – Rob Saunders, Nigel Kitney, Mike Hutchinson

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    0I2A1028On the hottest day of the year so far, 25 July 2019, top fruit growers and industry professionals gathered at A C Hulme and Sons’ Hoaden Court in Ash, near Canterbury, to listen to specialist agronomists Rob Saunders and Nigel Kitney discuss the progress of Hutchinsons’ Enhanced Light Interception Orchard System (HELIOS) project.

    As thunderstorms brewed in the distance, the group was taken around the extensively varied experimental planting systems, which, along with another mirrored trial site in Newent, Gloucestershire, form part of the crop production specialists’ ground-breaking 10-year project in top fruit.

  8. Aggressive Blight Strain Too Serious to Ignore – Arable Farming – Darryl Shailes

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    Darryl Shailes v2Spring has sprung, although the number of frosts we've had in May does make me wonder. I'm not sure what effect it has had on the blossom on the fruit trees and berry bushes in the garden; only time will tell. The plum and codling moth traps are out so hopefully we’ll have a bit less fruit damage this year.

    We've had a first hatch of cygnets and hopefully we'll have also got some young calves in the meadow over the river so, yes, spring has sprung in the Waveney Valley at least.

    The recent rains, while very welcome, would have been better without the hail and