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  1. Providing Grape Protection – Vineyard – Mike Hutchinson, Chris Cooper, Rob Saunders, Chris Williams, Jeremy Sharp

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    The crop protection specialists proudly supporting vineyards across the entire UK.

    Since being founded in 1938, crop production specialists Hutchinsons has grown from an operation serving fruit growers in the Wisbech area of Cambridgeshire, to one of the nation's leading agricultural and horticultural input advice and supply companies.

    Today, brothers David and Mike Hutchinson continue to play an active role in the family-owned business which celebrated its 80th anniversary last year. Driven by a modern, forward-thinking approach, the Hutchinsons and their dedicated, 450-strong team are committed to providing the best agronomy and crop protection advice, products and services to growers of all crops across the entire UK, from Aberdeen to Truro.

  2. Cultural Controls Key to Tackling Aphid and Slug Threat – Farmers Guardian – David Ellerton, Neil Watson

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    Dave Ellerton Stem Extension FungicidesCereal crops could be at greater risk this autumn following the loss of seed treatment protection against aphids and heightened slug pressure.

    Growers need to be vigilant over coming weeks and integrate both cultural and chemical controls. This is according to Hutchinsons technical director, Dr David Ellerton, who says: “Wet weather across many parts of the UK this summer means slug pressure in early-sown cereals could well be higher than normal where soils are moist enough." 

  3. Talking Agronomy Roots: Beet Fungicides – Arable Farming – Darryl Shailes

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    THS-0995With rust and mildew about, the first beet fungicides are going on.

    The open gardens went well and we had some lovely comments, although thanks must really go to the previous owners as we are only trying to maintain what they laid out.

    In many things, timing is everything and, luckily for us, the moles that have since plagued us came after open gardens. We didn't see any last year – the garden flooded a couple of times so I think that kept numbers down – but now it is a bit like the Jasper Carrot sketch from many years ago – a good listen for those who've never heard it.

  4. Targeted Slug Control Adds Insurance Against Crop Loss – CPM – Andrew Goodinson

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    Andrew Goodinson HSGrowers shouldn't worry about the loss of metaldehyde from the slug control armoury, says Herefordshire-based agronomist Andrew Goodinson of Hutchinsons. In his view, good quality ferric phosphate alternatives are every bit as effective and also provide a better environmental footprint.

    Andrew's been recommending ferric phosphate for over five years and he's gradually phasing metaldehyde 

  5. Fruit GB Viticulture Technical Conference: Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) - The Fruit Grower

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    Rob Saunders is a member of the WineGB viticulture working group, an agronomist with Hutchinsons and a board member of AHDB Horticulture. SWD was less of a problem for UK vine growers in comparison with 2017, but Rob wanted to update vineyard managers on current findings, future implications and control strategies for this relative newcomer to the UK.