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  1. Munch, Munch, Munch: OSR Weed Control – CPM – Simon Wilcox, Ed Stevens

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    Simon WilcoxIt's become impossible to consider oilseed rape without mentioning cabbage stem flea beetle in the same breath. CPM finds out how herbicide strategies are shaping up this autumn.

    Cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) is shaping the way UK farmers grow oilseed rape and has single-handedly been responsible for a wholesale shift away from using pre-emergence herbicides. OSR establishment this autumn has been a mixed bag, depending on the time of drilling, says Cambs farmer and Hutchinsons agronomist, Simon Wilcox.

  2. Wet summer brings about early flush of black-grass - but beware an extended flush - Dick Neale

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    Black-grass will most likely have mixed dormancy this seasonjpgBe aware that recent wet weather could induce an early germination of black-grass - but this will only be a proportion of total numbers- so plan for early and later flushes this season, warns Dick Neale of Hutchinsons.

    Black-grass has two main flushes, usually in the third week of Sept and the second week of Oct, so the aim is to drill after the black-grass has germinated and been sprayed off.

  3. Soil Health Focus at Brassica Demonstration Day – The Vegetable Farmer – Will Sharpe, Oliver Wood, Carl Sharp, Peter Waldock

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    IMG_0731With a focus on good soil health, herbicides, insecticides, biostimulants, fungicides, and nutrition, Hutchinsons’ second brassica demonstration day was held Old Leake, Boston, on July 11 in conjunction with the Allium & Brassica Centre.

    The aim of the plots is to refine understanding of soil health, including exploring novel approaches for vegetable farming, such as strip-till and cover crops, explained Hutchinsons area business manager Will Sharpe.

    “We plan to provide vegetable growers with a leading source of information on brassicas,” he said, pointing out that the trials field was very typical of the area, with similar soils being found around the horse-shoe area of south Lincolnshire and north Norfolk. “By setting up demonstration plots, people can see what works in these fields, and then make decisions on whether they might work at home for them.”

  4. Vineyard: Observations for June - Vineyard Magazine - Chris Cooper, Rob Saunders

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    Chris CooperThis month Chris Cooper and Rob Saunders, vine specialists in the Hutchinsons Horticultural Team, are making general observations on the current status of the vine crop. 

    There are now 2,900 hectares under vines in the UK, three times what there was in 2000. An estimated 3 million more vines have been planted this year. Good weed control in the first year is a prerequisite to successful establishment – herbicide options are limited so don’t overlook the use of biodegradable film mulch, which can be laid after planting.