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  1. Boosting Accuracy and Detail of Soil Analysis – Precise – Oliver Wood

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    Terra Map - Soil OptixAgronomy firm Hutchinsons claims the technology at the centre of its new soil scanning system offers a greater level of precision than is possible with established techniques.

    When compared with traditional zone-based scanning or grid-based sample point systems, measurement of a wider range of soil quality properties and greater accuracy when measuring them are the key claims for new soil analysis technology introduced this season to the UK by agronomy company Hutchinsons.

  2. 2019 Omnia Precision Agronomy Award open for entries - British Guild of Agricultural Journalists - David Hutchinson

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    The British Guild of Agricultural Journalists’ 2019 Omnia Precision Agronomy Award, sponsored by Hutchinsons’ Omnia Precision Agronomy, is open for entries.

    Entries are open to any Guild member who has had a feature about precision farming technologies in arable agriculture or horticulture published or broadcast between 1 August 2018 and 1 August 2019.

    The award reflects the growing use and importance of precision farming technologies in growing crops, and the need for agricultural journalists to report on its intricacies and potential with clarity.There is a £1,000 prize for the winning article and £500 for the runner up, with the results to be announced at this year’s Guild Harvest Lunch in London on 17 October.

  3. Launch of TerraMap – South East Farmer – Oliver Wood, Nick Strelczuk

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    Nick Strelczuk precision technology specialist for HutchinsonsThis month sees the launch by Hutchinsons of a new, highly accurate soil mapping service, TerraMap. It is said to revolutionise soil nutrient mapping in the UK, setting a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture. TerraMap uses gamma-ray detection technology that delivers resolutions of over 800 points/hectare, providing high definition mapping of all common nutrient properties, pH, soil texture, organic matter and cation exchange capacity as well as elevation and plant available water.

  4. Future Farming in Practice at the Helix Project – Agronomist & Arable Farmer – Matt Ward, Neil Watson

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    1742019 12936The requirement for growers to be more transparent and to justify their practices will only increase, requiring resource and a new management approach – that was the core message from Hutchinsons Managing Director Andrew McShane to a group of visitors to the Hutchinsons Helix Project in June.

    The Helix Project is a farm-scale research project looking at how new technologies can improve farm productivity, profitability and efficiency, and is being hosted courtesy of Andrew and William Pitts at JW Pitts & Sons in Northamptonshire.

  5. 100-fold upgrade in resolutions available - Farmers Guardian - Oliver Wood

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    TerraMap - SoilOptix Passive SensorHIGH resolution soil scanning based on gamma-ray detection technology will deliver 'game-changing' soil mapping, according to agronomy business Hutchinsons, which has launched a new service to growers.

    TerraMap delivers resolutions of more than 800 points per hectare, compared to typically eight data points/ha using hectare grid sampling, providing high definition mapping of all common nutrients, pH, soil organic matter and cation exchange capacity (CEC), as well as elevation and plant available water.

  6. Hutchinsons host Brassica demonstration open day at Old Leake - Farm Business - Peter Waldock, Oliver Wood

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    Old Leake Brassica Open Day - Farm BusinessFollowing the success of the first open day last year, Hutchinsons’ Brassica Demonstration Site day will be held at Bayholme Farm Old Leake, Boston, on July 11 in conjunction with the Allium & Brassica Centre, by kind permission of F Daubney & Sons.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to view how new near-market brassica-related herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides are performing and compare them with current commercial practice, explains Hutchinsons vegetable technical support Peter Waldock.

  7. Precision: Does Plug and Play Work? – CPM – Oliver Wood

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    Oliver Wood with TerraMapPrecision technology is improving all the time - but does that mean it's getting easier to use, or are we moving further away from the plug and play aspirations of the ISOBUS standard?

    It was a commendable target - to create an industry standard with which all manufacturers would comply, meaning that any brand of tractor would work with any other implement. But has ISOBUS really delivered? The answer, it seems, could come straight off a school report: Could do better.

  8. Unlocking Soil Secrets - Farmers Weekly

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    TerraMap Mini LogoLaunched by Hutchinsons at Cereals, TerraMap unique technology revolutionises the way in which soil nutrient mapping is undertaken in the UK and sets a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture and soil knowledge.

    TerraMap scanning is not affected by soil moisture, compaction, crop cover or cultivation state. This means that there are very few limitations to when TerraMap can be used, offering a much wider operating window compared to other soil scanning systems.

  9. Focus of Demonstrations – The Northern Farmer – Helen Brown, Lewis McKerrow

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    Helen Brown - Thumbnail CropwatchThe annual Hutchinsons Carlisle crop demonstration open day is to be held at Midtown Farm, Kirkbampton, Carlisle, on Tuesday, June 18.

    Demonstrations will focus on four key topics: the latest winter wheat, barley and spring barley varieties, seed rate trials, the role of forage yield mapping and the newest precision farming tools.