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  1. Remedying Soil Problems After a Difficult Harvest – The Scottish Farmer – Matthew Hyslop

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    Matthew HyslopWith the recent challenging wet weather in many areas of the country, farmers should consider what can be done to make their soils more resilient for the years ahead, says Matthew Hyslop, Hutchinsons agronomist, based in Angus and Perthshire.

    Rainfall in the central Angus area for the months August, September and October totalled 283mm whereas in 2018 for the same period totalled 122mm, and with wet conditions, growers are facing problems with establishing winter cereals and potato harvesting.

  2. Soil is Key – South East Farmer – James Short

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    James Short croppedJames Short, of crop production specialists Hutchinsons, says that growers need to look at their soil as it is the key to unlocking yields.

    “It is important that we protect and nurture the soil if we are to continue producing crops in a sustainable and long-term arable rotation.”  He advises growers to take up Hutchinsons Healthy Soils service and explains why.  “This service provides information to growers and advisors to actively manage their soils and optimise performance and farm profitability.”

  3. Brassica Demonstration Open Day – Farmers Guide – Peter Waldock

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    Brassica Demo dayFollowing the success of the first open day last year, Hutchinsons' Brassica Demonstration Site Day will be held at Bayholme Farm Old Leake, Boston, on 11th July in conjunction with the Allium & Brassica Centre, by kind permission of F Daubney & Sons.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to view how new near-market brassica-related herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides are performing and compare them with current commercial practise, explains Hutchinsons Vegetable Technical Support Peter Waldock.

  4. Make Soil Health Your Number One Priority – Direct Driller Magazine – Dick Neale

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    Dick NealeThe importance of good soil health cannot be overstated, but the key is to achieve it. Strip seeding pioneer Jeff Claydon, who farms in Suffolk and designed the Claydon Opti-Till System, explains how.

    In my last article for Direct Driller I mentioned briefly the importance of good soil health in producing high-yielding, profitable crops and here l want to consider the subject in greater detail as it is critical to maximise the benefits of strip seeding. Soil health is a fascinating subject, as many of the 100-plus farmers who attended the Claydon open days at our factory and farm in Suffolk in May found out from leading experts.

  5. Unlocking Soil Secrets – Arable Farming – Oliver Wood

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    TerraMap Logo LayersLaunched by Hutchinsons, TerraMap unique technology revolutionises the way in which soil nutrient mapping is undertaken in the UK and sets a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture and soil knowledge.

    "Today's precision farming requirements demand greater accuracy and currently UK growers have not had access to a reliable, high definition soil scanning system – until now"

  6. High Definition Soil Scanning – Arable Farming – Oliver Wood

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    Terramap-display1High resolution soil scanning based on gamma-ray detection technology will deliver 'game-changing' soil mapping, according to agronomy business Hutchinsons, which has launched a new service to growers.

    TerraMap delivers resolutions of more than 800 points per hectare, compared to typically eight data points/ha using typical hectare grid sampling, providing high definition mapping of all common nutrients, pH, soil organic matter and cation exchange capacity (CEC), as well as elevation and plant available water.

  7. Improved Soils, Crops and Weed Control with Reduced Costs – Farmers Guide – Dick Neale

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    Claydon ImageSuffolk-based Claydon Drills enjoys a loyal customer following and the company's annual open days on founder Jeff Claydon's heavy land farm are popular.

    This year there were four half-day sessions over two days which attracted farmers and contractors from all over the UK. Since its first V Drill strip-tillage drill entered the market in 2003, Claydon's range has expanded and, with complementary products from a straw rake to a shallow stubble cultivator, a new inter-row weed hoe and Cambridge rolls making up the “Claydon Opti-Till System”, the company offers almost everything needed for successful but low-cost cereals production argues its creator.

  8. TerraMap lifts soil mapping accuracy and window – AgriTradeNews – Oliver Wood

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    TerraMap Logo LayersHutchinsons has launched a new soil nutrient mapping service, which it says is the first high definition system available in the UK, with an extended data collection window.

    TerraMap uses gamma-ray detection technology to delivers resolutions of over 800 points per hectare, providing high definition mapping of all common nutrient properties, pH, soil texture, organic matter and cation exchange capacity (CEC) as well as elevation and plant available water.