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  1. Mild weather increases virus threat in OSR crops – Farmers Guardian – Neil Watson, David Ellerton, David Stead

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    Neil WatsonCabbage stem flea beetle is not the only pest troubling oilseed rape crops, with peach potato aphid posing a threat as a vector for turnip yellows virus.

    Increasing aphid activity means oilseed rape growers face a tough decision about whether to treat crops over coming weeks to reduce the risks from turnip yellows virus (TuYV).

    The symptoms of the virus, spread by the peach potato aphid (myzus persicae), can be very difficult to identify in the field, but Hutchinsons technical support manager Neil Watson believes it is becoming more prevalent and the damage to yield from early autumn infection must not be underestimated.

  2. Munch, Munch, Munch: OSR Weed Control – CPM – Simon Wilcox, Ed Stevens

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    Simon WilcoxIt's become impossible to consider oilseed rape without mentioning cabbage stem flea beetle in the same breath. CPM finds out how herbicide strategies are shaping up this autumn.

    Cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) is shaping the way UK farmers grow oilseed rape and has single-handedly been responsible for a wholesale shift away from using pre-emergence herbicides. OSR establishment this autumn has been a mixed bag, depending on the time of drilling, says Cambs farmer and Hutchinsons agronomist, Simon Wilcox.

  3. Trials Hope to 'Tick the Boxes' for Variety Choice – The Scottish Farmer – Stewart Macintyre

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    Stewart MacIntyreA preview of series of open days next month has given a hint as to which wheat, barley and oilseed rape varieties best suit the growing conditions of northern England and Scotland.

    Many leading varieties on the Recommended List are being trialled at Hutchinsons regional technology centres in Carlisle, Alnwick and Morton-on-Swale, with all three sites opening their doors in June to let growers compare the merits of each before deciding what to grow this autumn.

    Hutchinsons northern Seeds Manager, Stewart Macintyre, has given us the ‘pick' of some of his winter variety choices for this region. 

  4. Protect OSR Yields even in a Difficult Season - Farmers Guide - Simon Wilcox

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    Simon WilcoxTo maximise the yield potential of oilseed rape, growers should try and avoid the convenience application of a pod sealant with a pre-harvest glyphosate, and instead adopt a separate earlier desiccant such as pass of a pod sealant prior to the glyphosate application.

    Hutchinsons agronomist and Cambridgeshire farmer Simon Wilcox says that oilseed rape, if grown properly can return as much as first wheat as well as being a valuable rotational break crop.

  5. Picking out the Top Varieties for Autumn Sowing - Agronomist & Arable Farmer - David Bouch

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    Field Walking PeopleDeciding what to grow next season can be daunting given the array of varieties available, but careful planning and a visit to a local trials site will help make the right choices for your farm.

    A series of regional open days by leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons during June and July provides the ideal opportunity to see first-hand which varieties suit the climate, soil type, pest and disease pressure in your area.

  6. Prestigious National Awards for Local Farmers

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    Two Staffordshire farmers have proved that an attention to detail when growing crops pays off as they are named as winners in the national Yield Enhancement Network Competition.

    John Billington of Adbaston Hall, near Newport won a Bronze award for his 5.9t/ha yield of oilseed rape. Whilst Mark Swift of Red House Farm, High-Onn near Stafford won the best potential yield for his crop of winter wheat achieving 64% of the 15.8t/ha potential.