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  1. Agronomy Diary: Fertiliser for Vines – Vineyard – Tim Kerr

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    Tim Kerr H&STim Kerr, fertiliser specialist for Hutchinsons turns his expertise to vines.

    The wet autumn will have impacted on crop nutrient availability into next spring. After excessive rainfall, lower levels of nitrogen will be seen. Soil mineral nitrogen can be measured to make necessary adjustments.

    Although nitrogen requirement by vines isn't high, it's a difficult element to hold in soils over winter, particularly soils with low cation exchange capacity. Light soils, which are low in clay and/or organic matter, have low resilience to hold nitrogen reserves, even with additional nitrogen from decaying vine leaves.

  2. Is straight nitrogen the best value? – Agronomist & Arable Farmer – Ian Lingham

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    Fertiliser discussion with Ian LinghamAt this time of year thoughts inevitably turn to the purchase of nitrogen for next spring – as fertiliser is on offer to attract early delivery onto farm.

    Ian Lingham, Hutchinsons Crop Nutrition Specialist in the west, asks if purchasing straight nitrogen is the best value. 

    “From Hutchinsons involvement in YEN projects, we are learning that timely nutritional inputs are helping to achieve the best yielding crops,” he says.

    “However, applying greater quantities of straight nitrogen is not the solution to higher yields; trends show that applications of fresh fertiliser phosphate and spring applications of potash are part of the key to unlocking further potential.”

  3. Rocket Fuel for Crops? – South East Farmer – James Short

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    Arable farmers have become increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable farming systems. There continues to be much topical discussion on how to improve soil fertility, increase yields and reduce crop production costs. Expenditure on fertiliser represents a significant proportion of the variable costs to grow crops, and farmers should consider the long-term benefits when utilising livestock manures as a source of nutrients for crop production,