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  1. 2019 Seeds and Varieties – South East Farmer – David Bouch

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    David_Bouch Hutchinsons Seeds Manager 0217David Bouch, Hutchinsons National Seed Manager looks ahead to crop and varietal selections for the coming drilling season and picks some highlights.

    Important winter wheats to consider this autumn include KWS Extase which is a Group 2 with very high untreated yields. It has excellent Septoria tritici resistant rating (8.1) plus good yellow rust resistance, grain quality and standing ability.

    If growers have been growing Siskin, David suggests that you move some acreage to KWS Extase and benefit from its higher yield. However, KWS Extase needs securing now.

  2. Picking out the Top Varieties for Autumn Sowing - Agronomist & Arable Farmer - David Bouch

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    Field Walking PeopleDeciding what to grow next season can be daunting given the array of varieties available, but careful planning and a visit to a local trials site will help make the right choices for your farm.

    A series of regional open days by leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons during June and July provides the ideal opportunity to see first-hand which varieties suit the climate, soil type, pest and disease pressure in your area.

  3. Managing Seed Stock Dormancy Could be a Challenge

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    So far, 2019 is looking like an early spring this season, in complete contrast to the cold and wet of 2018.

    Most of the shrubs and trees are showing buds in the garden and we are now probably a bit late with the pruning, but it has still got to be done. We have also seen birds pairing and some nest-building so they all seem happy with an early spring- but are we ready for it yet?