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  1. Game-changing soil mapping service launched to UK growers - TerraMap - Oliver Wood

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    TerraMap - SoilOptix Passive SensorLaunched by Hutchinsons, TerraMap revolutionises the way in which soil nutrient mapping is currently undertaken in the UK - setting a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture.

    Today’s precision farming requirements demand greater accuracy and currently UK growers do not have access to a high definition soil scanning system – until now, says Hutchinsons precision technology manager, Oliver Wood.

  2. On-Farm Crop Management Project Starts - Tillage Magazine - Stuart Hill, Michael Shemilt, James MacWilliam

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    Helix Logo White BackgroundA unique research initiative is taking place on a Northamptonshire farm. Focusing on key areas of innovation and technology the Helix project will act as a central research hub.

    The project will focus on all aspects of crop management from sensors and prediction software, soil management and analysis, through to field data and input measurement.

  3. Thinning with Brevis - a masterclass - The Fruit Grower - Rob Saunders

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    H.L. Hutchinson Ltd recently hosted two workshops on the use of the apple and pear thinning product Brevis, one in Ledbury, Herefordshire and the other at their Canterbury, Kent depot.Rob Saunders Hop Garden

    Rob Saunders, horticultural project manager at H.L.Hutchinson Ltd, by way of introducing the workshop, said: "You could argue that for apple growers thinning has now become the most difficult and the most important decision of the year. This is particularly true of varieties like Gala, bearing in mind the very specific size ranges now demanded by the multiple retailers."

  4. T2 fungicide alternatives to chlorothalonil growers can try - Farmers Weekly - David Ellerton

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    Dave Ellerton WheatThe imminent loss of chlorothalonil, combined with regulatory and resistance pressure on other actives, heightens the need for farmers to explore alternatives at the important flag leaf spray timing.

    Before chlorothalonil is lost from the fungicide armoury, growers are being advised to try out replacement T2 strategies designed around their own varieties, disease pressure and farming system. 

    The flag leaf spray is arguably the most important wheat fungicide timing, as it protects the top two leaves, which contribute around two-thirds of final yield.

    Chlorothalonil is a core component of an increasing number of T2 programmes, and will remain so for this season at least, but Hutchinsons technical development director David Ellerton says growers should try alternatives in preparation for when it is no longer available.

  5. Hutchinsons Launch Helix Project

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    - Precise magazine

    Focusing on key areas of innovation and technology Hutchinsons Helix project will act as a central research hub, it is a unique collaborative project working with a number of established companies to integrate different technologies and systems, allowing the grower to fully benefit from innovation and decision support.