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  1. Record Rainfall Will Present Challenge Long After It Dries Up – Agronomist & Arable Farmer – David Stead

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    David SteadAs torrential rains impacts heavily on the industry, John Swire looks at the overall economic effects and how farmers have been forced to change their practices and diversify their crops to salvage their livelihoods.

    Apart from all the political shenanigans and the subsequent ramifications that will play out for several more years, 2019 will be remembered for one other thing – the absolute horrendous weather that we have suffered from since the middle of September. The effects on the industry are almost certainly likely to last for quite some time.

  2. “Weather Conditions Unlike Anything Experienced Before” – Arable Farming – Darryl Shailes

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    Darryl Shailes v2These weather conditions are unlike anything I can ever remember experiencing before.

    As the seasons draws to a close, we don’t need reminding what a challenge it has been since it started raining in September. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced anything like it and no-one I’ve spoken to can remember anything worse.

  3. Crop Watch North - Farmers Weekly - Helen Brown

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    Helen Brown - Thumbnail CropwatchJust as we were starting to shout for rain up in Cumbria, our usual weather patterns returned. We have now had a few very wet weeks, causing some quick growth in all crops, and are hoping the rain knows how to stop again.

    Winter cereals are now all out in ear and the last of the T3 fungicides are being applied in winter wheat.

    In general, winter wheat and barley are looking well and the gates are being shut until harvest time.

  4. Cereals 2019: Champion Beet Grower Hits 109t/ha in Tough Year – Farmers Weekly – Darryl Shailes

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    1262019-Beet-Yield-Winner-Left-to-Right-Darryl-Shailes-of-Hutchinsons-with-Mark Means is the winner of the second British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO) Beet Yield Challenge, managing to deliver a winning yield of 109.7t/ha, achieving 97% of crop potential in what was a very challenging year. 

    The impressive yield was achieved in a season that saw crops being drilled later than usual followed by a summer drought.

  5. Consider Late Season Fungicides Carefully – Anglia Farmer – David Ellerton

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    Dr Dave Ellerton WheatGrowers are being advised to consider late season fungicide programmes carefully amid reports of low disease pressure this year.

    Moderate disease levels in wheat due to the hot, dry summer in 2018 generally resulted in cost-effective but lower yield responses to fungicide programmes than the previous season, says Hutchinsons technical director David Ellerton.

    "Despite the dry conditions later in the season, the largest yield increases were often in response to the flag leaf or T2 timing in Hutchinsons small plot trials, although drought and subsequent early senescence reduced the response in many cases."

  6. Frost Damage, Advice for April - Rob Saunders, Chris Cooper - Vineyard Magazine

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    The degree of frost damage in vines is dependent on growth stage, the duration of temperatures below zero, and to some degree, following day-time temperatures. Site selection is a taken as read, and growers are familiar with mechanised frost mitigation measures, such as frost fans, bougies and heated fruiting wire.