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  1. BYDV Risk – South East Farmer – Neil Watson

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    neil watsonAccording to Neil Watson, technical support manager for Hutchinsons, this autumn many farmers have been forced into drilling wheat and barley later because of the wet soil conditions.

    “Ironically this is a good cultural method of reducing BYDV in your crop. However with recent milder autumns, we are seeing aphid flights extending later in the year. BYDV is a damaging virus affecting wheat and barley mainly in the warmer south and transmitted by two main aphid species (grain aphid, bird cherry aphid) in October and early November.

  2. Cultural Controls Key to Tackling Aphid and Slug Threat – Farmers Guardian – David Ellerton, Neil Watson

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    Dave Ellerton Stem Extension FungicidesCereal crops could be at greater risk this autumn following the loss of seed treatment protection against aphids and heightened slug pressure.

    Growers need to be vigilant over coming weeks and integrate both cultural and chemical controls. This is according to Hutchinsons technical director, Dr David Ellerton, who says: “Wet weather across many parts of the UK this summer means slug pressure in early-sown cereals could well be higher than normal where soils are moist enough." 

  3. Tips on picking the right winter barley variety – Farmers Weekly – David Bouch

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    David Bouch (2)Winter barley growers are spoilt for choice this autumn, with the largest range of varieties on the AHDB Recommended List for some years.

    Of the 24 varieties, there are a dozen two-rows, along with the largest range of hybrids ever recommended, with seven to choose from.

    Just four years ago, there was only one hybrid, Volume, on the list.

    For growers in the North, straw yield and earliness of maturity are as important as yield, while hybrids have proved popular in the East as farmers battle blackgrass.

    But what about the South...