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  1. Agronomy Diary: Fertiliser for Vines – Vineyard – Tim Kerr

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    Tim Kerr H&STim Kerr, fertiliser specialist for Hutchinsons turns his expertise to vines.

    The wet autumn will have impacted on crop nutrient availability into next spring. After excessive rainfall, lower levels of nitrogen will be seen. Soil mineral nitrogen can be measured to make necessary adjustments.

    Although nitrogen requirement by vines isn't high, it's a difficult element to hold in soils over winter, particularly soils with low cation exchange capacity. Light soils, which are low in clay and/or organic matter, have low resilience to hold nitrogen reserves, even with additional nitrogen from decaying vine leaves.

  2. Are You Gaining Crop Momentum? – Agronomist & Arable Farmer – Bob Bulmer

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    Bob BulmerCrop momentum involves adopting best practice at every stage of crop growth to maximise light, water and nutrient capture with the aim of producing resilient, profitable crops.

    This idea was developed from the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) and the idea is analogous to the domino effect, explains Hutchinsons trials manager Bob Bulmer.

  3. More accurate and detailed soil mapping is on its way - Farmers Weekly - Oliver Wood, Jim Woodward

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    TerraMap Logo LayersSoil nutrient mapping is set to get a lot more accurate and detailed as the scanning technology used for detecting minerals from the air in Canada is being adapted for the UK farm.

    A helicopter-mounted sensor used for mineral prospecting has been scaled down to a high-definition soil scanning system which is being launched as TerraMap to refine precision farming systems.

  4. Game-changing soil mapping service launched to UK growers - TerraMap - Oliver Wood

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    TerraMap - SoilOptix Passive SensorLaunched by Hutchinsons, TerraMap revolutionises the way in which soil nutrient mapping is currently undertaken in the UK - setting a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture.

    Today’s precision farming requirements demand greater accuracy and currently UK growers do not have access to a high definition soil scanning system – until now, says Hutchinsons precision technology manager, Oliver Wood.