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  1. Spotlight Falls on Ammonia Emissions – CPM – Tim Kerr

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    tim kerr of hutchinsons (2)Before you order your nitrogen fertiliser for next spring, there's a sentence in the Government's Clean Air Strategy, published earlier this year, that may cause you to completely rethink what you buy.

    “We propose to introduce ... a requirement to spread urea-based fertilisers in conjunction with urease inhibitors, unless applied by injection on appropriate land by 2020" it says.

    Yara UK's Natalie Wood explains

  2. T2 fungicide alternatives to chlorothalonil growers can try - Farmers Weekly - David Ellerton

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    Dave Ellerton WheatThe imminent loss of chlorothalonil, combined with regulatory and resistance pressure on other actives, heightens the need for farmers to explore alternatives at the important flag leaf spray timing.

    Before chlorothalonil is lost from the fungicide armoury, growers are being advised to try out replacement T2 strategies designed around their own varieties, disease pressure and farming system. 

    The flag leaf spray is arguably the most important wheat fungicide timing, as it protects the top two leaves, which contribute around two-thirds of final yield.

    Chlorothalonil is a core component of an increasing number of T2 programmes, and will remain so for this season at least, but Hutchinsons technical development director David Ellerton says growers should try alternatives in preparation for when it is no longer available.

  3. Rocket Fuel for Crops? – South East Farmer – James Short

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    Arable farmers have become increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable farming systems. There continues to be much topical discussion on how to improve soil fertility, increase yields and reduce crop production costs. Expenditure on fertiliser represents a significant proportion of the variable costs to grow crops, and farmers should consider the long-term benefits when utilising livestock manures as a source of nutrients for crop production,

  4. Testing Times for Weed Control – The Vegetable Farmer

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    Growers of onions and leeks were dealt a blow with the loss of Totril, which had been the mainstay of weed control programmes, and now linuron which was effective against problem weeds like fat hen and field pansy. Bromoxynil, the active ingredient of Buctril, used as a replacement for Totril, is undergoing risk assessment for renewal of its approval and is at risk of withdrawal too, says agronomist Andy Richardson of the Allium & Brassica Centre.