8 Decades of Service - James Short - South East Farmer

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2018 is a milestone year for Hutchinsons, marking eight decades of service to UK agriculture as one of the country’s leading agronomy companies.

Good technical agronomy that brings about profitable and sustainable crop production is at the heart of the Hutchinsons business, and fundamental to this is the relationship between the agronomist and his farmer client, says James Short, Hutchinsons regional director for the south of England.

“Being a good agronomist is not just about walking crops and making the right recommendations, my clients want me to be involved in all aspects of the farm so that decisions are made on a fully informed basis.  After all it’s a team effort focussed on taking that particular farm business forward.”

However, to do this, he recognises that the complexity of agronomic decision-making in today’s climate of tighter environmental regulations, climatic challenges and changing disease threats, makes it vital for an agronomist to have access to a wide range of technical expertise and information.

“By being part of a leading national agronomy company, Hutchinsons agronomists are better placed to access this level of support, whilst still delivering the highest quality and most up-to-date technical advice to farming clients in today’s volatile environment,” James says.

Looking after your soils as if you were going to farm forever

“The south of England has a very diverse range of soil types and farming systems,” says James. Understanding soil health is fundamental to sustainable farming and advising on cultivations, cover crops, soil nutrition, crop rotations and crop protection is all part of our bespoke agronomy advice to clients.

The soils on your farm are a complex medium and don’t change so quickly – to find out more on how to manage your soils for improved crop performance, visit us at Cereals to see our technical soils expert Dick Neale in his very own soil pit.

At Cereals, Hutchinsons will also host the launch of Connect, a cost-effective solution that has been designed to simplify farming by connecting you to your machine to enable variable rate control.