Cereals the Arable Event - Oliver Wood - Farmers Guide

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Hutchinsons’ brand new Omnia precision agronomy app ‘Connect’ was launched at Cereals.

Connect is a cost-effective and entry level solution that has been designed to simplify precision farming by connecting the user to the machine to enable variable rate control.

The iPad app allows the user to seamlessly and instantly receive variable application maps created in Omnia in the field, and also controls the spreader, sprayer or drill.  “Precision farming can be a challenging area for farmers with many struggling to get data from the office pc out to the machine in the field,” said the company’s precision technology manager, Oliver Wood.

“So, what this means in practice for the user is that there is no handling of data and maps can be sent by any user to anywhere.”

It’s really cost-effective in that it is one system that can be used across multiple machines and operations, he added.

“This means that there is no need to go out and buy any new expensive machinery; it enables variable rate control on existing machines, and there are no expensive machine unlock codes.”

Connect is compatible with a wide range of machinery including Amazone, KRM, Kuhn, Vaderstad, Horsch, Mzuri, Sky, RDS and more.