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Streamlined transfer of prescription maps to sprayers, spreaders and seed drills is promised by a new app for users of Omnia, a precision farming platform for UK growers from Hutchinsons, an agronomy and inputs supply business.

The Connect app for Apple iPad tablet computers accesses variable rate map data created in the Omnia cloud-based platform, which are then transferred via Wi-Fi and a small communications module connected to the implement controller. In practice, says Oliver Wood, Hutchinsons precision technology manager, this means prescription maps generated in Omnia can be sent to anyone, anywhere without having to download map data to a memory stick before uploading it to the implement controller in the tractor cab. Prescription maps can be generated in Omnia from multiple layers of data to create bespoke application plans for individual fields.

The Connect app is run on an iPad tablet computer to transfer prescription maps data wirelessly to implement controllers for spraying, spreading and sowing. Photo: Hutchinsons

Connect app

For sowing, data on factors that can influence the recommended seed rate, such as soil type, weed pressure and slug activity, in addition to variety and sowing date, can be taken into account. The Connect app is said to be compatible with machine controllers from Amazone, Horsch, KRM Bogballe, Kuhn, Mzuri, RDS Technology, Sky, Väderstad and more, covering a wide range of drills, spreaders and sprayers.

Prescription maps generated in the Omnia cloud-based agronomy platform can assimilate several layers of data. Variable rate sowing plans, for example, will take into account data on weed and slug pressure, as well as crop variety, sowing date and soil type.

The system can only be used in conjunction with Omnia and it does not transfer ‘as applied’ data back to the crop and enterprise records generated on the platform.

It costs Omnia users £300 a year to use the Connect facility.