Hutchinsons Trials Showcase Brassica Crop Protection - The Vegetable

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Hutchinsons demonstrated a range of herbicide insecticide treatments at its early season Brassica open Day held at Old Leake in Lincolnshire, last month.

As well as a comparison of different herbicide regimes, including new and potential products with both residual and contact modes of action, and the use of band spraying, there was a chance to learn about soil health, and also to quiz staff from Hutchinsons’ field teams and Allium and Brassica Agronomy, which was acquired by Farmacy plc in February.

Of particular interest were trials looking at aphid management on Brussels sprouts and kale.  According to Hutchinsons; “With the loss of Cruiser in Phytodrip for aphid control, growers will become more reliant upon foliar sprays for the control of this pest species.  This demonstration combines both currently approved products and coded test products (including bio-insecticides) applied either singularly or in combinations.”

One of the coded products was identified as Isoclast, a new insecticide from Corteva Agriscience (the new agricultural division established after the merger of DuPont and Dow).  Corteva’s Craig Chisholm explained that the product is currently going through the registration process with CRD. We hope to have it available commercially for the first quarter of 2019, he added.

“It has very good knockdown effects on sucking pests, and with both translaminar and translocated movement in the plant, it also offers some persistence.”  It is hoped that the new material will have a harvest interval of just 7 days on most crops, and due to its mode of action, there is currently no risk of cross resistance with other active ingredients.

The insecticide treatments will continue through the summer and there will be another chance for growers and agronomists to view them on Tuesday 9th October, when other trials, including a fungicide screen, will also be available to view.