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Hutchinsons Fieldwise Pro

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  • iOS and Android

The Pro update for Fieldwise offers users market data, seed and fertiliser calculators and useful contacts.  For older/younger generation farmers, there is also a function to convert between metric and imperial figures to assist with application rates.

FieldWise Pro App (2)

The “document library” feature provides users with useful agronomic documents and seed information booklets as well as the Fieldwise magazine and other published advice documents.

“Another really handy function is the ‘spraying forecast’, allowing users to check the forecast within a given area to aid planning workload,” says David Stead, farmer and Hutchinsons agronomist.

The ability to access market reports and prices is also beneficial when forecasting workloads and planning future rotations.

The app is designed for farmers, spray operators as well as advisors to assist crop management decisions.

“The tank mix sequence is a general operator prompt for which order to put products into the sprayer tank,” adds Mr Stead.