CKF Appoints Produce Packaging as UK Exclusive Distributors for Earthcycle

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CKF’s Earthcycle ™ brand of home compostable and recyclable thermoformed moulded-fibre packaging is now widely available in the UK market through Produce Packaging’s national distribution network.

Produce Packaging is proud to announce it has become as the exclusive distributor of Earthcycle ™ packaging from CKF Inc. in England and Scotland and Wales.  Established in 1991, Produce Packaging has created a reputation for fast, efficient service as well as market leading intelligence on industry and retail trends.  With key distribution points in Kent, Lincolnshire, Herefordshire and Angus, Produce Packaging offers next day delivery with their own fleet of trucks.   “What initially attracted us to Produce Packaging were referrals from fresh produce packers and growers when we asked for details of the best packaging specialists in the UK” says Brad Dennis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CKF.  “We then quickly realised that Produce Packaging is a quality organisation with a wide distribution network and deep connections to the grower and retailer communities”, adds Dennis.

CKF's thermoformed moulded pulp line, Earthcycle ™ meets the growing consumer demand for less plastic—the packaging is certified home compostable, is widely recyclable in the UK waste paper stream and is plastic free.  Through extensive packing line trials, it has been proven that the Earthcycle punnets match automation speeds of plastic punnets for de-nesting and offers a consistent and strong bond in top sealing system.   In shelf and transit trials, it has been shown that packaged in Earthcycle, produce stays fresher, longer-- 20% longer than when packed in plastic.  Made from a blend of virgin and pos- industrial recycled wood pulp, Earthcycle is made with either FSC controlled or FSC certified wood sourced from “low risk” areas of Canada and the US.  Transit times to Produce Packaging’s Lincolnshire and Kent warehouses from the CKF plant is only 12 days.

“Produce Packaging is thrilled to be working with CKF and more specifically the Earthcycle range of packaging” say Mark Tierney, Managing Director of Produce Packaging.  “We see where the trends for reducing plastic in the packaging industry is going, and it is important for our company to be on the forefront of bringing innovation to our clients.  We believe that the Earthcycle line is superior in its design, finish and quality and so offers our clients the ability to easily incorporate the packaging into existing automatic de-nesting, top seal and other packaging format lines.”

CKF and Produce Packaging are dedicated to giving the UK consumer what they want—packaging that helps reduce waste to landfill and waste in oceans.