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A new project has been launched which aims to look at how technologies can be linked with knowledge to deliver a greater level of advice to farm businesses.

Crop production specialists Hutchinsons has launched the Helix project. It will act as a central research hub bringing together all aspects of crop production through to field data and input measurement.Helix Hi-Res (2)

Technologies will include sensors and prediction software, soil management and analysis to environmental aspects such as surveillance and predictive systems, nutrition, input and new trait technologies.

Andrew and William Pitts of JW Pitts & Sons in Northamptonshire will host the project.

Mr Pitts said: “We are running over 1700 acres here and our aim is to be productive, efficient and ultimately profitable, otherwise we have no farm.

“The relationship with the agronomist in future will become more strategic and inclusive of whole farm advice. I see a future when we will spend much less time field walking and more time on strategic discussion about the farm and sustainability.

Work has already begun on the farm on areas such as climate and pest prediction, nutrition technology, variety trait work and environmental sustainability.

“We will aim to demonstrate these technologies by various means and not just the traditional farm open days. After all, this is about use and benefit of technologies, so technology will be used to demonstrate it, “ said Stuart Hill, Head of Technology & Innovation at Hutchinsons.


Three key areas

The project will focus on three key areas with aims to align new and old technologies, and evolving and developing these to improve crop management decisions.

Project Predict & Justify – predicting and monitoring risk analysis with regards to disease, pests, crop growth, lodging risk. This will help growers to identify and understand where there is risk and to help justify farm decisions. For example, BYDV risk forecasting- making this field specific and for warnings to come before threshold levels are reached.

Project Sustainability – sustainability encapsulates a sustainable farm business. This project looks at the sustainable use of inputs and sustainable farm environment. For example, Hutchinsons are developing technology to enable mapping of pollination species in appropriate locations and timings on farm.

Project Nutrition – soil and tissue testing are challenging and time-consuming processes. The nutrition project aims to simplify decision making by enabling live analysis alongside developing knowledge.