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From compostable punnets to shelf life-extending film, the fresh produce sector is witnessing an explosion of environmentally friendly packaging innovations.

Earthcycle punnets from CKFUnwrapped Produce

With its sealable, compostable and recyclable wood pulp punnets for 350g to 400g of strawberries, Canadian packaging manufacturer CKF is setting an example of environmental protection in terms of sustainability.

The wood pulp punnet not only provides a great deal of protection for the fruit and a view of the product, but also ensures a longer shelf life, without using plastic. Made from a blend of virgin and wood pulp, Earthcycle is made with either FSC-controlled or FSC-certified wood sourced from “low risk” areas of Canada and the US.

Distributed in the UK by Produce Packaging, the thermoformed moulded pulp pack is certified home compostable, is widely recyclable in the UK waste paper stream and is plastic free. Packing line trials have shown that Earthcycle punnets match automation speeds of plastic punnets for denesting and offer a consistent and strong top seal.