New Soil Mapping Service Puts Down Roots – Press and Journal – Oliver Wood

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TerraMap - SoilOptix Passive SensorA high definition soil mapping service has been launched in the UK to give growers improved accuracy in understanding their soils.

Unveiled by the UK farm advice and supply company, Hutchinsons, the new TerraMap system uses gamma-ray detection to deliver high definition mapping of all common nutrient properties.

These include pH, soil texture, organic matter and CEC (Cation exchange capacity), as well as elevation and plant available water.

“Today’s precision farming requirements demand greater accuracy and currently UK growers haven’t had access to a high definition soil scanning system; that is until now,” said Hutchinsons’ Oliver Wood.

“With such a growing level of interest in soils, the launch of TerraMap comes at the perfect time for farmers who are looking for the next level of accuracy in understanding their soils.”

Collecting raw data for the new system is carried out by driving a light-weight all-terrain vehicle fitted with a sensor over a field to scan the area.

Soil samples are then taken to allow each scan to be used to create individual map layers.

TerraMap’s scanning technology is based on a scaled-down version of airborne sensors, originating from mineral prospecting and already used successfully in other countries.