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David_Bouch Hutchinsons Seeds Manager 0217David Bouch, Hutchinsons National Seed Manager looks ahead to crop and varietal selections for the coming drilling season and picks some highlights.

Important winter wheats to consider this autumn include KWS Extase which is a Group 2 with very high untreated yields. It has excellent Septoria tritici resistant rating (8.1) plus good yellow rust resistance, grain quality and standing ability.

If growers have been growing Siskin, David suggests that you move some acreage to KWS Extase and benefit from its higher yield. However, KWS Extase needs securing now.

Moving to Group 3 wheats, KWS Firefly looks promising. It has stiff straw, a 7 for Septoria resistance, better than most Group 3s, and is resistant to Wheat Blossom Midge. It has export potential and biscuit quality.

In Group 4 hard wheats, David has his eye on Gravity and Gleam. Both performed well last year but Gleam has more flexibility in its drilling date. Both have Blossom Midge resistance but Gravity is a barn filler, with high yields. In the soft wheat Group 4, LG Skyscraper tops the list for treated yield. It is a tall wheat but had no lodging issues in trials last year, unlike some competitors. It is Blossom Midge resistant and is likely to be in demand, being soft but with distilling potential.

In winter barley, hybrids can help suppress black-grass. Bazooka is a hybrid barley from Syngenta and is popular and consistent. Others include SY Kingsbarn, Belmont and Libra. Libra is slightly lower yielding but has excellent bushel weights, helpful when blended with others with lower bushel weights.

2 row conventionals include Valerie which is good agronomically - good disease resistance, lower screenings, stiff straw, good yields and excellent quality. KWS Orwell and Surge are good 2 row conventionals.

For winter oilseed rape, KWS Campus has performed consistently well. New varieties include Aurelia - a hybrid with pod shatter resistance, good autumn vigour and TuYV resistance. DK Exstar is a new variety and the first triple 8 – with 8 for Phoma, Light Leaf Spot and standing ability. David sees more Clearfield rape being drilled this autumn, due to the tightening of erucic acid levels. DK Impressario and Phoenix have proven records.

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