Focus of Demonstrations – The Northern Farmer – Helen Brown, Lewis McKerrow

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Helen Brown - Thumbnail CropwatchThe annual Hutchinsons Carlisle crop demonstration open day is to be held at Midtown Farm, Kirkbampton, Carlisle, on Tuesday, June 18.

Demonstrations will focus on four key topics: the latest winter wheat, barley and spring barley varieties, seed rate trials, the role of forage yield mapping and the newest precision farming tools.

Hutchinsons agronomist Helen Brown said: "Variety choice is a major decision, but with the issues around fungicides and evolving disease resistance, there's increasing focus on using genetics to ease crop management. This is an ideal chance to see how varieties perform under local conditions and soil type, and discuss all aspects of variety selection and markets.”

Soil health issues such as drainage, pH, compaction and fertility can often be major causes of yield variations, but Miss Brown says there can be 'quick wins' to address many common problems, which will be discussed at the open days.

"The impact of seed rate on crop performance, under certain conditions and for different varieties should not be underestimated," said Miss Brown.

Lewis McKerrowWith more foragers in the area having the ability to yield map, the ability of farmers to use this technology to improve their productivity and how it fits into the Omnia system will be examined, said Hutchinsons digital farming manager, Lewis McKerrow.

At the Carlisle open day Hutchinsons will launch TerraMap, a soil-analysis system which uses gamma ray detection technology that delivers resolutions of over 800 points/ha, and provides the highest definition nutrient soil analysis, by measuring and mapping all common nutrient properties, pH, soil texture, organic matter and CEC as well as a range of other properties.