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Oliver WoodCollaborations with machinery manufacturers Claas and Vaderstad and data management system Muddy Boots means farm data can now be moved from one machine or system to another within Hutchinsons’ Omnia Precision Agronomy system.

Announcing the development at Crop Tec, Oliver Wood, Hutchinsons precision technology manager, said: "This is a significant step change in the way that data is handled for precision farming. For some time now, we have been working with our industry colleagues to look at how to connect platforms together to transfer data using modern cloud computer systems, which means that the user does not have to handle any data."

This latest development to Omnia takes away the need for users to manually move data from one machine to another.


Omnia connectivity developments

  • Field boundaries and yield maps can be automatically shared between Omnia and Claas Telematics
  • The Omnia Connect app can now be used with Vaderstad E-Services connected drills to implement variable rate drilling
  • Field and cropping information and field maps can now be transferred automatically between Muddy Boots' Greenlight Grower Manager and Omnia, removing the need for double data entry