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  1. Sugar Beet Soils

    When Hutchinsons agronomist, Simon Wilcox took over the tenancy of Warboys Farm two years ago, he inherited soils that had been relentlessly ploughed and an imploding blackgrass problem. As an agronomist and also a farmer, Simon knew that he needed to address these issues head on and adopt both short and long-term strategies to improve soil health and lower the weed burden.

  2. Renowned Dorset Cider fruit grower Rupert Best says that, to be successful, a new product needs to produce positive value-for-money, then it can be incorporated into programmes. Rupert regards the biostimulant Cultigrow CBL to be such a product. When he compared treated and untreated areas of his orchard, Rupert concluded, "The beneficial effects of Cultigrow CBL were obvious. The treated trees produced a markedly higher yield than the untreated ones. I am now firmly committed to CBL and I am intending to use it throughout our orchards"