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» Listings for July 2018

  1. Vines are generally carrying moderate to good crops, assisted by the warm weather at the end of June. Following a very late start, vines have shot through growth stages, with growing degree days being 25% higher than the equivalent period last year, leading to an early flowering, which potentially allows a longer period for fruit development. The implication of this is that it may be possible to ripen a larger crop than would otherwise be the case, but there is a long way to go, and the immediate concern this month is to start on canopy management and be vigilant against disease and pests.

  2. The UK wine industry is going from strength to strength, with around 1 million vines planted last year and an estimated 1.5 million being planted this year.  According to the Wine Standards Board, there are now 501 separate vineyards, 2,330ha under vines, plus 133 wineries and/or wine producers, producing 5 million bottles of wine in the UK.  The majority are members of WineGB Ltd which was formed in September 2017 as a result of unifying the UK Vineyards Association and the English Wine Producers.