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    • Herbicides show biggest visual differences
    • Strobilurin and SDHI chemistry assessed
    • In-field sensor could improve soil analysis

     Findings from the second year of trials at the Hutchinsons Fenland potato demonstration are shedding new light on ways to improve crop management for optimum yield and quality.

    Six different aspects of agronomy are being examined at AL Lee Farming Company's Friesland Farm, near Mildenhall, in Suffolk. The operation opened its doors to growers from across the region on 11 July.

  1. UK farmer defies science with his high yielding rye crop in the 2018 drought

    The Yield Enhancement Network Competition attracted more entrants than ever in 2018. At the YEN Awards Conference on Thursday 22nd November top yields were around 16 t/ha for cereals and over 6 t/ha for oilseeds and, despite the drought, one crop of rye broke the YEN yield-gap record by achieving 103% of its site potential! The rooting depth of this crop must have exceeded anything that ADAS scientists thought was possible.