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  1. 1272018 2303Hutchinsons held an early season brassica open day at Old Leake in Lincolnshire, in conjunction with the Allium & Brassica Centre.

    Hosted by F Daubney & Son, trials were set up to look at insecticides, nutrition, and herbicides, in addition to demonstrations highlighting ways to achieve better soil health.

    One of the aims of this work is to be able to offer growers practical solutions to address a shrinking crop protection toolbox, said Hutchinsons technical support for vegetables, Peter Waldock.

  2. Rob Saunders Hop GardenChris Cooper and Rob Saunders, vine specialists in the Hutchinsons Horticultural Team, discuss the season to date in vineyards.

    The 2019 crop doesn't look as abundant as 2018. Generally, individual flowers in bunches have thinned out, allowing plenty of room for grapes to expand into, and although in certain areas in certain varieties fruit set is variable there are still healthy numbers of bunches to be picked this year.

  3. Dave Ellerton WheatAfter a number of relatively low disease risk seasons wetter weather this spring and summer has put crops under considerable disease pressure, particularly Septoria in wheat and Ramularia in barley

    This has exposed the decline in performance of current fungicide chemistry, particularly triazoles and SDHIs, and has shown the vital importance of early disease protection using multi–sites, particularly chlorothalonil.

    Many growers have found this out to their detriment, realising too late the very limited curative activity of current products should Septoria be allowed to get established in the crop.

  4. DpP9rmwWkAITRGu

    The British Guild of Agricultural Journalists’ 2019 Omnia Precision Agronomy Award, sponsored by Hutchinsons’ Omnia Precision Agronomy, is open for entries.

    Entries are open to any Guild member who has had a feature about precision farming technologies in arable agriculture or horticulture published or broadcast between 1 August 2018 and 1 August 2019.

    The award reflects the growing use and importance of precision farming technologies in growing crops, and the need for agricultural journalists to report on its intricacies and potential with clarity.There is a £1,000 prize for the winning article and £500 for the runner up, with the results to be announced at this year’s Guild Harvest Lunch in London on 17 October.

  5. THS-0956A new fenland potato site for leading agronomy firm, Hutchinsons, is already generating interesting results that will help shape future agronomy – including control of potato cyst nematodes (PCN).

    An integrated approach to PCN management was one of the key topics which gained traction at Hutchinsons' recent open day hosted at AL Lee Farming Company's Folly Farm, near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

  6. Dick Neale BlackgrassBlack-grass control begins with understanding first principles and then tailoring a plan depending on the level of infestation. CPM finds out more.

    Few problems generate as much discussion as black-grass and farmers are always looking out for new methods to control it. However, with so many different ideas out there, how do farmers work out what’s required on their farm?