NROSO 2018-2019 Fruit Course Details

An Interactive Fruit Workshop

Pesticide Storage, IPM Planning, Current Issues (PIC

UK Farmers, Growers and their sprayer operators have been increasing their awareness of best practice regarding pesticide application over recent years. During the last decade the NRoSO annual training events (roadshows) have been a major source of update training for operators and this year members are invited to participate again in an interactive training event that focuses on how to avoid things going wrong and what “best practice” actually means on the farm.

Operators will have the opportunity to share tips and solutions that work for them, and learn from their colleagues and others attending the event, best practice techniques that they could adopt in the future.

This year’s Fruit event is divided into four sections:

  • Pesticide Storage: In this section we will cover industry best practice for storage of pesticides.

  • Integrated Pest Management Planning: This section will look at the sustainable Use Directive outline to implement IPM planning on your farm for the benefit of us as applicators and the general public.

  • Current Issues: This covers topical items that we feel are worth discussing in more detail. This section will also cover specific local issues that your presenter will tailor to your geographical area or crop production system.

Delegates will receive:

  • 3 hours of interactive training
  • Delegate workbook
  • Certificate of attendance


1. Introduction
2. Current Issues
3. Pesticide Storage
4. IPM Planning
5. Review and Reflection

This workshop is part of the farming and crop protection industry’s Voluntary Initiative to minimise the environmental impacts of pesticides.

This workshop will attract 10 CPD points for National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO) members and 4 CPD points for BASIS members.

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