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Aiming to help farmers make the most of their data, Omnia have released a 100% free to use Omnia service - Omnia Access ...

Aiming to help farmers make the most of their data, Omnia have released a 100% free to use Omnia service – Omnia Access – specifically designed to be the perfect starting point for anyone looking to improve their use of data on farm.

Omnia Access has been set up by Omnia to allow growers to create custom maps of their farms in Omnia’s advanced software, using a range of Omnia’s innovative tools, at absolutely zero cost.
Additionally, how growers wish to use their maps and the data they create in, or put into Omnia Access is entirely up to them – since the data a grower makes in Omnia is owned by the grower.

If growers already have mapping data from another system they have the option with Omnia Access to take a look to see if their current mapping service is as good as or as easy to use as Omnia.
(It is absolutely free to import data into Omnia Access)
Then, if growers like what they see and want to move on to precision farming with Omnia, it only costs a little to upgrade to Omnia Precision – giving access to: seed & fertiliser variable rate plans, peace of mind from NVZ compliance, yield and cost of production mapping, adaptive crop growth models and pest/disease models…

Accurate Weather Data

Omnia claim that there is no need to invest in a weather station, to get accurate weather data, if you sign up to Omnia Access, as they have developed an innovative solution that collects data from all nearby stations. The data collected by Omnia is run through specialised algorithms to detect and predict (to a high degree of accuracy) a range of insights for the chosen location, including:

  • A 5-day forecast
  • The current weather & rainfall
  • Indicative growth models for wheat & barley

How do you get Omnia Access?

If you would like to learn more about Omnia, their services and Omnia Access please visit Omniaprecision.co.uk

Or, if you would like to sign up for Omnia Access please visit their Sign Up Page


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