Research & Development

have a long history of carrying out research trials, near market development work and technical investigations in order to deliver solutions that best meet clients’ needs. These field trials are carried out under local environmental conditions so that farmers and growers can see demonstrations on soil types, cropping situations and under climatic conditions that are close to their own.

research and development

Hutchinsons have a growing number of Regional Technology Centres (RTC’s) all around the country, which form the central hubs for investigative work, as well as The National Blackgrass Centre of Excellence at Brampton.

work with all the major agrochemical research and development manufacturers, investing significant amounts of capital and resource in trials and new projects. The Regional Technology Centres’ open days are an opportunity for farmers and growers to benefit directly from the findings of the Hutchinsons team.

Recent investigations and breakthroughs include successful advances in canopy management for oilseed rape, resistant disease fungicide management, cereal variety evaluation for local situations. There is a full program of future studies which include looking at all aspects of blackgrass control in the absence of new chemistry.