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Fieldwise Newsletter Archive

View the June Fieldwise. This issue includes the launch of TerraMap Carbon – the UK’s first carbon mapping system. Plus 2021 seed choices and a five point plan to better OSR results…

View the May Fieldwise. This issue includes challenges for late fungicide planning, featuring Oilseed Rape in your 2021 crop planning, and the continuing threat of potato blight strains. Plus, variable rate drilling with Omnia E-Seed and an update on the Summer Events at the Helix Technology Farms and Regional Trial Centres.

View the April Fieldwise. This issue includes knowledge transfer opportunities at our Helix and Regional Trial sites this year. Plus, Spring Barley disease control strategies, Countryside Stewardship Scheme success, herbicide options for Spring Oats, and top tips for fine-tuning fertiliser use…

View the March Extra Fieldwise. This issue includes tools to fine tune nutrition planning, which have been tested on our Helix Farms, and summer cover for wet soils. Plus insights on sustainable PCN control from our Fenland potato trials, how disease control in wheat can be achieved through ICM, and a new version of the Omnia Scout app…

View the Early March Fieldwise for early disease control strategies to maintain yield potential in winter wheat. Plus optimising spring fertiliser, looking at Sugar Beet virus yellows,  Environmental Scheme opportunities, and why a new contract moved to precision farming…

View the February Fieldwise for an introduction to Hutchinsons Environmental services. Plus the fundamentals of success for spring cultivations and cropping, starter fertiliser benefits for maize under film, results from the YEN awards, and the launch of Oxbury Bank…

View the December Fieldwise for a detailed overview of the groundbreaking research discussed at Helix Live virtual seminars in November. Plus cover cropping lessons, and spring cropping and seed options for 2021…

View the October Fieldwise for an update on Helix East, the first Helix Farm regional centre. Plus the good and bad of direct drilling, optimising seed rates for maximum yield, and celebrating the Hutchinsons Foundation ten years from its establishment…

View the September Fieldwise for a look at the implications of controlling BYDV without Deter seed treatment, finding out how well your farm is performing, insights from the host farmer of Helix East, early Autumn nutrition and early sowing considerations for weed control…

View the August Fieldwise for details on the main aims and progress so far of Helix, monitoring to manage crop nutrition, to drill or not to drill oilseed rape, providing answers to crop production challenges with TerraMap and FieldWise Live updates…

View the July Fieldwise for details on planning rotations for farm profitability, soils & black-grass, building the foundations for higher yields, wheat and barley choices for 2021 and the future of precision…

View the June Fieldwise for details on how to get free Access to Omnia’s new Climate Module, the new 2020 seed book and the launch of Fieldwise Live…

View the May Fieldwise for insights into Helix, Hutchinsons Regional Technology Centres and business continuity…

The Helix Project

Helix is a farm-based research project investigating how new technologies and knowledge can be linked to enable agronomists to deliver the future of agronomic advice.

Bringing together all the most innovative techniques and technologies in agriculture into one central location, and testing them all at farm-scale, learn more about Helix here

Project HELIOS

Hutchinsons horticultural team continue to think ahead and outside the normal realms of agronomic advice, by initiating and investing in a ground breaking 10 year project in top fruit, called HELIOS (Hutchinsons Enhanced Light Interception Orchard System).

Learn more about the HELIOS project here

Hutchinsons Fieldwise Pro App

Together with the Fieldwise Newsletter, this is another way in which we can support busy growers with easily accessible, timely information and practical farming solutions.

The app is available as a FREE download for iPhone and Android, with a quick registration page for you to access the new ‘spraying forecast’ feature and enable you to pick up your local weather information.

Five Day Spraying Weather Forecast for your location - Now Available!

Available for free, check out our innovative Spraying Forecast feature.

This uses current Met Office weather data to guide you through the next 5 days, using a simple traffic light display to give a quick and easy indication of likely suitability and timing for spraying operations.

Spraying Forecast Location Selector

Spraying Forecast Mobile App

Seed Brochures

Our comprehensive portfolio of both technically and commercially viable varieties for autumn 2021 and beyond.

Includes seed rate charts and variety notes on oilseed rape, wheat, winter barley, rye & triticale, winter oat and winter bean.



Download Seed Brochure 2021


Varietal performance of maize varies on a regional basis according to climatic conditions and intended end use.

Our maize portfolio is selected from material produced by top breeders for their consistency, yield, quality and agronomics.

Varieties are grouped by maturity class.


Download Maize Portfolio – 2021


Our own range of catch and cover crop mixes are specifically designed to maximise the many benefits associated with their use.

The species are selected for their reliability and ability to deliver key agronomic advantages.

For 2021 new specialist mixes have been added alongside our existing range – offering something for everyone.

We can also tailor a solution to meet specific needs.

Download Catch & Cover Crop Mixes 2021


Learn more about the  environmental, green manure, game cover and forage seeds on offer.

Find insights and advice on sowing rates and mixture selection.


Download the Countryside Guide 2021


Learn more about the varieties we offer and find insights and advice on sowing rates, mixture selection and which varieties work best in which situations.

Also find details on our AmenityWise and ForageWise mixtures and varieties.


Download GrassWise Technical Manual 2021




GrassWise is a range of grass seed mixtures with
varieties that have been tested independently through the Recommended Grass and Clover List system and then grown on farms across the UK.

Find details on our agricultural grass seed mixes and varieties as well as detailed information on which situations they are best suited to.


Download GrassWise Grass Seed 2021



Discover our carefully selected range of amenity grass seed blends for landscape and sports grass.

Ideal for a wide range of sport and landscaping areas.


Download AmenityWise Grass Seed 2021





Discover our carefully selected range of agricultural catch crops.

Also, find details on our range of game cover mixtures.


Download ForageWise Grass Seed 2021





Horticultural Sundries

We are stockists of a huge range of tying materials and clips, as well as pruning and training equipment, including wirework, scissors and pruners.



Download our Apple & Pear Harvesting Sundries Guide




Helping you with tree and vine management throughout the growing season.

Contact us for all your tree and vine management needs



Download our Ties & Clips Sundries Guide



Contact Consent & Preferences Form

Download our Contact Consent & Preferences Form

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Hutchinsons YouTube Video Library

Discover our full online video library on our YouTube channel

Discover our most recent series of informational videos, with Hutchinsons Technical Manager Dick Neale examining soil health, structure and resilience: Playlist

Featured Video

Dick Neale (Hutchinsons Technical Manager) is in Lincolnshire outlining the overall aims of this video series and looking at conditions in the field.
Watch to learn more about assessing your soil's structure to make more informed management decisions and how you can build resilience in your soils.

Fieldwise Archive

An archive of our monthly Fieldwise newsletters from the last couple of years
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Fieldwise Pro App

Available as a FREE download for iPhone and Android
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Five Day Spraying Forecast

Check out our Innovative Spraying Forecast Feature
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Seed Brochures

A collection of all our most recent seed books
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Video Library

Find links to our collections of videos on soil health, trial site insights and much, much more!
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Horticultural Resources

Find the latest details on our Sundries and register for both soft and top fruit bulletins
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Maximising light interception in orchards
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